Shyness and Tribe team up online with a contemporary take on etail

Ian Thompson
December 5, 2017

New concept store, Shyness has used TRIBE female mannequins for their online catalogue showcasing the brand's contemporary e-commerce style

London-based concept store SHYNESS has launched a new website using TRIBE female mannequins for their catalogue photo shoot. The new e-commerce site features 3 positions from the Tribe Collection to showcase fashion from designers Akiko Aoki, Art School, Ashley Williams, George Keburia, Jenny Fax, Lēo, Mikio Sakabe, Neith Nyer, Peet Dullaert and Siiilon.

Creative Director, Nathan Haigh has worked with Shyness to deliver a comprehensive and unique feel to the concept store. A sense of clarity and strong personality has been achieved - something that is often missing from other e-commerce sites. Using Tribe has helped to reinforce the creative narrative whilst also allowing a focus on single garments - something that would otherwise have been impossible using traditional models.

Continuity of narrative is just as important as overall brand creative - using mannequins to display fashion online also establishes a link to offline ventures; something Shyness is looking at for future visual merchandising plans.

Tribe mannequin for Shyness online ecommerce store

Shyness is presently an online store only with its headquarters based in London.  The brand's mix of contemporary wares has been a carefully curated by Buying Director Shiny Francis with a selection of art, fashion, design and books sourced from established and emerging partners.

Tribe mannequins are finding their way into online/offline retail and exhibitions with a major retrospective in Antwerp for Olivier Theyskens and in Milan, where Zara decked out their flagship Corso Vittorio Emanuele store in April 2017. With Shyness, this is the first time we've seen mannequins used for an e-commerce site and would agree that doing so offers the brand a powerful creative narrative. Tribe once again showcases its chameleon-like capability and Italian design credentials, both essential characteristics of a collection aimed at this sector of the market.

Shyness is now online at and you can follow their Instagram at

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