Schläppi 7000/5

Schläppi Art. 7000/5 male display head painted in a matt finish in black or white.
Lead time
14 Days
£ 105.00 GBP

The Schläppi 7000/5 display head is a male head from the Noble 7000 mannequin collection. This head is the male match for the Aloof 6000/5 head.

The head measures, 26.5cm high with an overall circumference of 57.5cm at its widest point. The underside of the chin is 4cm from table top surface.

This item is available as standard in matt white or matt black. For custom colours, please make a request via our contact form.

Item is shipped from Italy. All items are individually packaged in a cardboard container. Package weight (grams) and dimensions (centimetres) as follows:
  • Weight


  • Height


  • Length


  • Width


  • Identifier


  • Material


  • Finish

    Matt paint

  • Product Dimension

    26.5cm High

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