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The Bonaveri stand at Euroshop in Düsseldorf was designed to reflect the character of the atelier in northern Italy and to showcase the skills of the talented people that create their products.

The new Schläppi 8000 Obsession female mannequins on the Bonaveri stand

This year Bonaveri took on the challenge of re-creating the style and spirit of their home in Italy. In the Schläppi Obsession gallery, visitors could see the work of  sculptor, Marco, who undertook the careful development of an additional pose for this newly released collection.

The new Twiggy mannequin by Rootstein

In the Twiggy hall, Bonaveri had Sam Beadle and Cheryl Kerkin who worked on wigs and make up for the Twiggy display heads.

Bonaveri was awarded 'Best Stand on Show' by Retail Focus Magazine.

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“Many artist’s brushwork is essentially invisible, making it impossible to unpick; it might be better to focus computer analysis on assessing canvases or paper.”
charles r. jones
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