Jewellery Display

Jewellery display stand for rings, earrings, watches, wallets and eyewear

Ec Studio

The jewellery display stand by Ec Studio is a modular stand for displaying eyewear, necklaces, watches, rings, earrings, wallets and bracelets on a magnetised base.

A series of magnetised display stands can be arranged on the base in any position to display any number of rings, watches, sunglasses, bracelets and earrings. Use the jewellery display stand to create your own composition of merchandise. By placing the stands on the base using the powerful magnets you can arrange the display in any way that suits your needs. This versatility in the jewellery display stand means you are able to create varying displays that focus on a single range of merchandise such as a range of watches or a combination, such as necklaces and earrings.

Each element of the jewellery display is carefully crafted so as not to seem overpowering to the merchandise. This is particularly important with a stand that is required to display delicate pieces. The jewellery stand is none the less, robust and offers a simple, minimalist way of displaying various pieces. The watch stand, for instance, features a unique flat expanding attachment ring that fits below the strap of the watch and disappears when the watch is in place.

The jewellery display stand is available in Dark Metal and Bronze Brass finishes as standard and can be made in other finishes as a bespoke item.


Jewellery Display


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