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Bonaveri & Ec Studio mannequins, bust forms, display props and more; made in Italy.


The 2000 collection features female mannequins that reflect the true DNA of the Schläppi brand; long elegant, dramatic poses that are captured in motion.


Schläppi 2200 is a classic mannequin collection that has a long heritage, used by some of the world's pre-eminent fashion designers.

2200 | Frosted

Schläppi 2200 Frosted and Clear female mannequins

2200 | Wood

Schläppi 2200 Wood female mannequins


An athletic female mannequin collection full of the dynamics of movement


The Schläppi 2600 Collection offers the same design detail as the 2500 collection but with an anatomical hand


The Schläppi 2800 female collection offers the same athletic poses as the 2500 / 3500 collections introducing a softer silhouette to the form.

2800 | Fabric

Schläppi 2800 female mannequins with torso and head in fabric


The 3000 collection is the partner to the classic 2200 couture collection.


The 3200 collection is a contemporary, elegant male collection that partners well with all Schläppi collections.


A dramatic collection of male mannequins that celebrate motion and form


3800 | Fabric

Schläppi 3800 male mannequins with head and torso in fabric


A expansive collection of junior mannequins spanning various age groups

Aloof | 6000

Aloof is a female mannequin collection that reflects all of the sophistication and glamour of couture fashion.

M Collection

Retail display mannequins in a variety of finishes

Noble | 7000

A very bold male mannequin collection that reflects a quiet sense of harmony, typical of a Schläppi collection

Obsession | 8000

Obsession is the latest female mannequin collection from Bonaveri, carrying on the tradition of Schläppi's distinctive design.

Haute Couture

Sartorial Haute Couture is a diverse catalogue of bust forms & mannequins finished in luxury materials.

Sartorial Men

Sartorial Men is a diverse catalogue of bust forms & mannequins.

Sartorial Women

Sartorial Women is a new bust form collection featuring flexible and interchangeable parts


The new TRIBE Collection is all about diversity; a collection that adapts to your creativity.

Urban Man

A classic male mannequin collection with an urban edge

FMC4 | Women

An edgy, young urban inspired fashion mannequin collection

FMC08 | Men

The Bonaveri Classic collection of male fashion mannequins

FMC08 | Women

The Bonaveri Classic collection of female fashion mannequins

Wood - Walnut

A deep Walnut wood finish for the Unico Collection


A simple and elegant handbag, shoe and accessories display in white Corian®

Wood - Ash

The classic Unico collection in a warm Ash wood finish.


The Unico Collection represents a masterpiece of design, each element crafted from a single section of metal.


One central pillar with 10 interchangeable components provides an elegant way to display accessories.

Standing Display

A perfectly balanced, minimal piece for elevating merchandise to eye level.

Box & Tray Displays

Minimal display trays with plexiglass lids for display of luxury items

Handbag Display

A minimal handbag display stand that gets out of the way and ensures complete focus on your product

Handbag Strap Display

A vertical display for presenting interchangeable handbag straps

Hat Display

A fixed height or adjustable height hat display stand with an elegant domed head for displaying millinery

Sign Displays

A diverse collection of metal and plexiglass sign holders for discreet customer messaging.

Eyewear Display

A single, double or triple eyewear stand in minimal steel and plexiglass arrangement.

Wallet Display

A simple flat base and minimal square section stem carries wallets with elegant simplicity

Belt Display

A single or multiple stand belt display in vertical or horizontal stacking

Belt Bag Display

An elegant ribbon of metal on a slender support stem for holding belt bags.

Jewellery Display

Jewellery display stand for rings, earrings, watches, wallets and eyewear

Shoe Display

This shoe display is a perfect example of the high level of design and engineering that goes into an EC Studio product.

New Unico Displays

A new collection of display stands by Ec Studio that echo the UNICO style

Backpack Display

Adjustable height display for backpacks


Twiggy is back! This classic Rootstein mannequin set the course for the original Rootstein company back in the 1960s.

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