Obsession | 8000

Obsession is the latest female mannequin collection from Bonaveri, carrying on the tradition of Schläppi's distinctive design.


The new Obsession collection encapsulates everything that a Schläppi mannequin represents: unique proportions, a fluid aesthetic and an allure that is unmistakably Schläppi. Obsession is a vibrant female mannequin collection that finds its forms rooted in the 1970s New York music scene; we celebrate the women that came to characterise this era and community.

She is fluid, romantic and graceful and is able to capture your gaze with her unique forms. The forms recall the vision and inspiration of the original Schläppi collections modelled by sculptor, Lorenzo Piemonti.

Obsession is currently available in 5 different poses. For a copy of the latest catalogue, please use the form below.


Obsession | 8000


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