Schläppi 2200 is a classic mannequin collection that has a long heritage, used by some of the world's pre-eminent fashion designers.

The Schläppi 2200 female mannequin collection features an enduring, elegant style that has captured the heart and soul of designers for decades.

The contemporary 2200 collection is inspired by the original 1960s Schläppi design and has been carefully extended by Bonaveri to reflect its original forms. The result is a pared-down, abstracted form that captures the essence of female beauty. Every pose has been carefully considered to embody a sophistication and free-spirit that remains harmonious and dreamlike.

The 2200’s elegance has led her to be the favourite mannequin collection for fashion designers and curators, appearing in shop windows, fashion shows and exhibitions around the world.An extensive, interchangeable range of torsos, arms and leg positions is available, each imbued with the unmistakable poise of the original.

This collection has featured in stores and exhibitions and most recently featured at the Missoni Art Colour exhibition in London and the Maria Callas exhibition in Verona.

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