Schläppi Obsession debut at Harrods Christmas windows

'Obsession' is the latest female collection featuring fluid forms that capture the dynamic spirit of Schläppi mannequins
Ian Thompson
December 15, 2021

Schläppi Obsession is the latest female mannequin collection from Bonaveri that features a dynamic cast of characters that exude the same grace and charm as seen in other Schläppi collections. We're delighted that Harrods has chosen Obsession for their Christmas 2021 window displays alongside other Schläppi male and female mannequin collections from Bonaveri.

Window displays at Harrods are always eagerly anticipated and this year's Christmas windows raise the bar even further. Harrods has managed to create displays that exude sophistication as well as being high impact colourful compositions that customers expect at this time of year.

Featuring red, white and green backdrops, male and female mannequins dominate the displays, dedicated to luxury couture designers and high-end fashion brands.

For the Harrods 2021 Christmas windows, Bonaveri supplied a variety of new poses from the Obsession collection that feature striding leg positions and a number of different arm and hand poses. The collection aims to reflect more dynamic and fluid human movements, evocative of runway or musical stagings. The collection, designed in collaboration with Emma Davidge draws its inspiration from New York's club music scene from the 1970s and 80s where female characters show a spirited and significant stage presence.

New York's music scene in the 1970s and 80s featured a string of never before seen personalities that brought a new wave of dance and music to audiences. Donna Summer, Pat Cleveland, Jerry Hall, Grace Jones and Diana Ross filled passionate stages and presented powerful performances. Obsession captures the spirit of their stage presence and echoes the dynamism of their liberating performances.

Harrods' Christmas windows and the Schläppi Obsession 8000 mannequins can be seen now at the Brompton Street flagship store in London.

Images courtesy of Harrods.