Ec Studio and Saks Fifth Avenue collaborate on new fashion accessories hall

Ian Thompson
May 14, 2019

A revamped accessories hall at Saks includes a collection of Ec Studio's displays reflecting a new approach to luxury retail

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Saks' iconic store on Fifth Avenue has recently undergone a $250 million renovation project, part of which includes a new 53,000 square feet hall where handbags take centre stage.

Ec Studio was commissioned to create various items including handbag, wallet and clutch bag displays, trays and signage blocks. All of the items were crafted in a bespoke satin bronze to match other interior fittings and finishes.

Is minimal maximalism the new luxury? Saks Fifth Avenue and EC Studio think so


Saks, like Harrods in London, is spending time and resource refurbishing their entire store, reflecting new trends in luxury retail. The industry has undergone a transformation since the advent of online e-commerce with luxury department stores carving out a niche in high-end customer service.

As part of the ongoing refurbishment, men’s shoes and high-end jewellery departments are expected to open next in 2021.

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