Blue Studio & Bonaveri support London Showrooms Paris SS17

Ian Thompson
October 20, 2016

Blue Studio & Bonaveri lend support to young talent by providing mannequins for London Showrooms Paris SS17

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Blue Studio and Bonaveri have provided Aloof and Schläppi 2000 mannequins to London show Rooms Paris SS17, an event organised by the British Fashion Council aimed at increasing media awareness and the development of business skills for young British designers.The event is held annually during Paris Fashion Week and this year included work by A.V.Robertson, Alex Mullins, Ashley Williams, CAINE LONDON, Caitlin Price, Dilara, Findikoglu, Helen Lawrence, Maharishi, Marta Jakubowski, Matty Bovan, Mimi Wade, Molly, Goddard, Renli Su, Richard Malone, Roberta Einer, Ryan LO, Sadie Williams and SAMUEL Gui YANG.

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