Welcome to the new Blue Studio website

A new website for Blue Studio to showcase the world of Bonaveri & Ec Studio products
Ian Thompson
June 20, 2017

Blue Studio has undergone a series of changes over the last few months. As a result, we've redesigned and updated the Blue Studio website to better showcase the existing Bonaveri Mannequin collections and our brand new supplier Ec Studio.

Blue Studio has long been known for supplying the very best in Italian design and craftsmanship through the supply of Bonaveri mannequins and bust forms to the UK market. Over the years we've partnered with many great clients who use the product in so many different ways. Today we are able to expand that level of craftsmanship to fashion accessory displays by bringing Ec Studio products to UK visual merchandisers and creative teams.

"New products presented in a way that showcases the best of Italian craftsmanship"

The new Blue Studio website is dedicated to telling the story of both of our Italian suppliers in the best possible way - our new Brand pages tell the story of Bonaveri & Ec Studio and our Collections page is a directory of the amazing products these two companies create.

Our new blog is a showcase of how Bonaveri & Ec Studio products are used in practice; everything from unique store installations to international exhibitions are featured.

Finding information on our site is now much easier - just use the search box on the homepage or in the footer to quickly find the blog posts, brands or collections you are after. Click on the catalogues button on our collections pages to order PDF catalogues of any of our products.

We hope that the new Blue Studio Website inspires you and helps you to find the information you need.