Every age has a Tribe, every Tribe has its story

Blue Studio is excited to announce the availability of TRIBE, a new male and female mannequin collection by Bonaveri.
Ian Thompson
May 12, 2017

Bonaveri has released the new TRIBE Collection under a whole new family of mannequins, called B by Bonaveri. B by Bonaveri compliments the well established BONAVERI and SCHLÄPPI family of mannequins and offers customers easier access to Bonaveri’s premium mass market products. Tribe represents the same exacting high design and manufacturing standards that Bonaveri is well known for at a lower price point.

The Tribe concept and philosophy focuses on a growing mid-level fashion market that aspires to the spirit of youth, androgyny, modern culture and experimentation in fashion.

The new collection is made up of 9 different figures; 4 male and 5 female with a variety of options, allowing for a variety of figurative combinations and pairings. By selecting and arranging your own Tribe, you achieve a unique collection - no other will be the same; each Tribe original in its own way.

The pseudo-realistic nature of the collection customised through accessories and makeup enables customers to achieve their own distinct stylistic aspirations. Female mannequins are available in a variety of heel heights (from 2-10cm) to enable even more customisation.

The new collection will be available to order from June 2017 and is currently on display in our showroom. Please call 020 7394 2813 or email info@blue-studio.co.uk to arrange a viewing.

Zara Milan recently opened a new installation in the lobby of their flagship Corso Vittorio Emanuele store in Milan, with a collection of new TRIBE mannequins in a display designed by architect, Matteo Thun. See images here.