Bonaveri to support International Fashion Showcase 2017

Bonaveri is once again lending support to the sixth edition of the International Fashion Showcase to take place in London at Somerset House in February.
Ian Thompson
February 7, 2017

The IFS is a series of specially-commissioned and curated fashion installations featuring work by emerging international designers. This year will include designs from Chile, India and Russia, Eastern & Western Europe, Central and South America, Africa and Asia giving press and visitors the opportunity to discover new talent from global young designers.

Bonaveri has previously participated as the official supplier of mannequins for the event and will again support the IFS as part of their young talent initiatives. 50 mannequins and bust forms are taking part in the event, including 37 'Schläppi 2200' female and 3 'Schläppi 3000' male mannequins along with 10 Compuline bust forms. The mannequins and bust forms are provided to participants and used by each country's curator to enable designers to showcase their work.

Each country will follow a theme - this year curators and designers explore the notion of fashion in a 'Local/Global' context, reflecting how fashion is influenced by its surroundings. Shifts in political, environmental, social and cultural factors determine how fashion is manifest amongst designers and ultimately worn by society. 13 of the rooms will be dedicated to each participating country, with a further 2 rooms showcasing the Next In Line and International Designer Exchange Programme exhibitions.

Visitors can expect to see our mannequins amongst panels of stretched agricultural tarpaulin, neat stacks of bricks and fabric panels dyed with London clay. Studio Toogood is the event installation designer and will transform the West Wing Galleries at Somerset House for the event.

Once again, Bonaveri will sponsor 'Next In Line' curated by Shonagh Marshall which will feature designers from nine countries including Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Panama, Peru, South Africa, Switzerland, Uruguay, and Zimbabwe.

An award ceremony will take place on the 19th February for the winning Country, Designer, and Curator.

International Fashion Showcase 2017
17 – 21 February 2017
#IFS2017 #LocalGlobal