BNATURAL mannequins by Bonaveri to be revealed at Green Carpet Challenge 2016

Ian Thompson
September 17, 2016

Bonaveri, the Italian mannequin manufacturer has been working on a four-year extensive research project to bring the world's first eco-mannequins to market.

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In collaboration with Eco-Age, the foundation for sustainable fashion set up by Livia Firth, Bonaveri will be showcasing the new mannequins, called BNatural, at Green Carpet Challenge - the annual event for sustainable fashion initiatives.

The Green Carpet Challenge 2016, to be held on the 18th of September, during London Fashion Week, will be hosted by Keira Knightley with co-hosts, Colin Firth, Amanda Berry, Natalie Massanet, William Banks-Blaney, Anna Wintour and Andrew Bolton. William Banks-Blaney of William Vintage will present a collection of vintage couture gowns, using the new BNatural Schläppi mannequins.

A cocktail party, followed by the UK premiere of the film, ‘First Monday in May’, Andrew Rossi’s behind-the-scenes look at the lead up to the enormously successful, Metropolitan Museum of Art’s 2015 exhibition “China: Through the Looking Glass“.

Bonaveri has published a new sustainability page on their website that highlights the work they have done to bring the new BNatural mannequins to market. Visit for more information.

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