BNATURAL Sustainable mannequins for Stella McCartney, 23 Old Bond Street

Stella McCartney leads the way in sustainable retail with the inclusion of Bonaveri's revolutionary new BNATURAL mannequins
Ian Thompson
July 3, 2018

Stella McCartney has opened her new flagship store at 23 Old Bond Street, featuring twenty-seven BNATURAL sustainable mannequins from Bonaveri's female Schläppi 2200 and male Noble 7000 collections. Stella McCartney is the first luxury fashion brand in the UK to use Bonaveri's revolutionary new eco-mannequins on this scale as the company leads the way in sustainable retail design.

Many of Stella McCartney's sustainability aspirations are shared with Bonaveri's BNATURAL collection, most notably the desire to deliver excellence in every stage of the procurement process. An alignment of sustainability objectives is a key part of developing long-lasting relationships that reduce waste and material turnover. Through new material development and innovation, Bonaveri and Stella McCartney share a desire to deliver products that reduce the ecological impact of luxury retailing.

23 Old Bond Street

Stella McCartney took occupation of the 700 square meter,  grade II listed 18th-century townhouse in early 2017, transforming the former retail and office space into a global flagship for the brand.

The new store at 23 Old Bond Street uses key design elements reflecting the brand's commitment to sustainability and innovation. Alongside Bonaveri's BNATURAL sustainable mannequins are a number of eco-features including reclaimed wood blocks and plinths, exposed original brickwork, handmade papier-mâché, wall panels (recycled from Stella McCartney’s office paper waste) and an outdoor urban garden sanctuary that acts as a natural air purifier. A hidden ventilation system by Airlabs using nano carbon filters is the world's first technology proven to fully clean polluted air in a low energy, low maintenance way.

This approach reflects the brand’s philosophy to reclaim, reuse and recycle using handmade, organic and sustainably sourced materials. Reducing the store's environmental impact from build through to operation is considered on a continuous basis with Stella McCartney publishing and updating their Green Guidebook annually.

We are agents of change. We challenge and push boundaries to make luxurious products in a way that is fit for the world we live in today and the future: beautiful and sustainable. No compromises.
Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is a key player in resolving many of the issues facing fashion retailers, setting the standards for others in the industry. The brand's sustainability mission statement encompasses 'respect for people, nature and animals' and a desire to 'close the circle' on fashion production and consumption.


Bonaveri, based in Cento Italy, is a world leader in the design and manufacture of mannequins and bust forms. Their products are found in fashion houses, retail stores, museums, galleries and private collections around the world. The Bonaveri family has pursued excellence in everything they do since their inception in the 1950s. It is with the same commitment to quality that Bonaveri initiated their environmental research and development program in 2012 with the aim of achieving the worlds first truly biodegradable mannequin. The result of that R&D is BNATURAL, a revolutionary new way of creating Bonaveri products.

Traditional mannequins are made either in plastic or fiberglass, a method that has sustained the industry for decades. However, in disposing of these products, the plastics, petroleum components and fiberglass elements are not environmentally friendly and remain within the eco-system for hundreds of years. BNATURAL is helping to reverse this process, providing users of Bonaveri products with environmentally friendly and ecologically certified products. BNATURAL focuses on the complete lifecycle of the product ensuring that from beginning to end, every component and process involved in manufacturing and distribution is carefully considered.

In their quest to deliver a new sustainable product, Bonaveri was clear that their heritage and DNA had to be at the heart of this new product. It was therefore decided that BNATURAL would not be a new mannequin collection but rather a way of designing, sourcing, manufacturing, distributing, disposing and recycling all of Bonaveri's current collections.

We're delighted that Stella McCartney has chosen BNATURAL for her flagship store at 23 Old Bond Street, London.

BNATURAL  is the worlds first certified, biodegradable mannequin representing a truly sustainable way of creating Bonaveri’s classic mannequin collections.

BNATURAL mannequins are manufactured from BPlast® and BPaint®; new materials that have undergone a rigorous 4-year research and certification process.

BNATURAL is not only a product, it reflects Bonaveri’s commitment to continuing innovation and sustainability.

BNATURAL Mannequins are made using BPlast®, a bioplastic material composed of 72% sugarcane derivative. BPlast® enables for a significant reduction of CO2 emissions across the entire lifecycle and manufacturing process. BPlast® has achieved a 3-star OK BIOBASED certification from Vinçotte of Belgium.

BNATURAL mannequins are finished in BPaint® - a biocompatible paint made solely from renewable organic substances. BPaint® consists of 100% natural, raw materials. It is free from petroleum derivatives, even in low concentrations. BPaint® is a total innovation: it offers the same finish specifications as petroleum-based paints while using only natural substances. BPaint® has achieved a 4-star OK BIOBASED certification from Vinçotte of Belgium.

BNATURAL represents an ongoing commitment to sustainable practices, research and development.