Totem displays for luxury pet retailer Pagerie

Pet accessories maker, Pagerie commissioned Ec Studio to produce displays that match the luxury feel of their products.
Ian Thompson
July 26, 2021

USA based, luxury pet fashion accessories maker, Pagerie has commissioned Ec Studio to create a series of displays that do justice to the quality of the work as well as matching the luxury finish of their products.

Developed by Los Angeles-based founder and CEO, Mandy Madden Kelley, Pageie products are made in Spain and have quickly become an icon of the luxury pet accessories market. As a growing industry, pet fashion has become a niche industry breaking into the everyday.

Using a series of Totem Displays as a starting point, Ec Studio created additional fittings for the display of dog collars, leads, waste bags and harnesses. The advantage of the Totem system is that a range of these related products can be displayed together allowing Pagerie the opportunity to style a selection of their leather products in one area.

The Totem Display is easily adjustable so that any. number of products can be included on the totem and each set at a specific height along the pole.

Pagerie Totem displays are all finished in Satin Brass by Ec Studio.