Ec Studio creates fashion accessory displays for Versace in New York

Ec Studio recently created a series of elegant, minimal displays for Versace's new 5th Avenue New York store
Ian Thompson
July 9, 2018

For Ec Studio, creating fashion accessory displays for Versace's New York store on 5th Avenue is an exercise in extreme minimalism. That's not something you would expect in a Versace store, but as Carlotta Caruso, Ec Studio's representative in the USA says, "minimalism achieves maximum opportunity".

Ec Studio accessory displays for Versace in New York

Ec Studio makes the kind of fashion accessory displays that you'd want in your own home. Why hide your Versace investments in a drawer when you can display them on one of Ec Studio's beautiful displays? There are two elements that the team at Ec Studio strive to achieve in all of their products; minimalism and strength, which gives their work a durability beyond mere trend.

It is our philosophy that the focus should be on the product – our designs are the tools, not the subject.
Carlotta Caruso

For Versace's New York store on 5th Avenue, Ec Studio supplied light gold fashion accessory displays, jewellery busts and trays highlighted in tan leather. Throughout the store, merchandise including eyewear, wallets, bags, shoes, belts and necklaces are displayed on bespoke gold-framed shelves and transparent cabinets that divide the space in a geometric and clear way. Creating this simplicity is an integral part of the design process for Ec Studio with each stand meticulously crafted to fit the merchandise and its position in the store. What results is a composition of objects where the display stands almost disappear.

For Ec Studio this is an important part of a project's concept, ensuring that the focus remains firmly on the product. At their design and manufacturing facility in Italy, Ec Studio works closely with brands to achieve these goals. In Versace's case, pairing back the visual merchandising to benefit the detail in each of the products was paramount. Simplicity is by no means simple; by minimalising displays, Ec Studio needs to work with durable materials that can take the knocks from customers and staff. Each piece is rigorously tested for strength and perfectly balanced so that the final display feels natural and well composed.

Versace's new store is now open; visit the 5th Avenue, New York location at this address.

647 Fifth Avenue
New York
United States