Series Miniatures by BonaveriMilano

Ian Thompson
April 12, 2015

Bonaveri is hosting an exhibition of miniatures entitled 'Series Miniatures' in their new Milan Showroom

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Bonaveri is hosting an exhibition of miniatures entitled 'Series Miniatures' in their new Milan Showroom from the 13th to 19th of April and coincides with the Salone del Mobile fair.'Series Miniatures' is a collection of small figures, each one unique in material, dimension, decoration and finish. The maquettes highlight the research undertaken by Bonaveri whilst exploring new standards of beauty through art and handcraft.The figures on show are made in Bonaveri's Sculpting Atelier in Renazzo (near Cento, Italy) during the study phase leading up to the development of full-size mannequins.A miniature maquette is a working model - it's reduced proportions are intended to provide a conceptual idea and vision of the final figure. It is intended to reflect the early stage ideas of a mannequin allowing the sculptor to explore all creative aspects of the form.This exhibition is a window into the world of this creative process and shows the significance Bonaveri places on mannequin shape and aesthetics.There are 30 pieces on show including forms in clay, resin, rattan, wood, polystyrene and leather. Iron sculptures show forms in both complete and unfinished stages. Drawings, prints and sketches, as well as working tools, are included in the exhibition to illustrate the complete creative process undertaken by the sculptors.Bonaveri is very happy to be able to make this archive work available for public display for the first time. If you are intending on being in Milan for the Salone del Mobile furniture fair please go and see this exhibition.Exhibition Opening Times:10am to 6pm | 13 - 19 April 2015Venue:BONAVERIMILANO | Via Morimondo 25 MILANO ItalyPh. +39 02 36736030

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