Blacks Visual propose innovative retail concept on Earth Day

Blacks Visual illustrates an innovative and sustainable approach to store design and window display using stackable eco-resin blocks and Bonaveri's BPlast sustainable mannequins
Ian Thompson
April 25, 2022

The fashion and retail industry has come under enormous pressure in recent years to reduce waste and lower their environmental impact. This responsibility falls on the entire operation chain, including store design teams and supply companies like ours. Our customers demand innovative products and smart ideas from us that help them achieve their sustainability aspirations.

In celebration of Earth Day, Blacks Visual has shown how creative a proposal can be, using colourful eco-resin blocks in combination with Bonaveri's BPlast sustainable mannequins.

Blacks Visual has been exploring ideas though their 'MATERIA' project; an initiative to reduce waste and improve recycling at manufacturing level, developing new robust materials that have a longer in-store life.

Many window and in-store schemes demand high turnover of bespoke materials. This generates waste that is often easier to dispose of than re-use. This proposal suggests the opposite, by promoting re-use, reducing prop manufacturing, transport and associated material waste. Light, robust eco-blocks that interlock for maximum configuration options, allow for multiple dramatic display settings with minimal additional installation complexity.

In combination with Bonaveri's BPlast sustainable mannequins, the proposal significantly reduces waste and promotes good practice through re-use.

Bonaveri has been at the forefront of sustainable mannequin design introducing the Schläppi 2200 BPlast collection at the Green Carpet Challenge in 2016 attended by Anna Wintour, Natalie Massenet – chairman of the British Fashion Council, Amanda Berry – CEO BAFTA, William Vintage and Metropolitan Museum of New York Fashion Institute curator, Andrew Bolton.

Since then they have developed a far more efficient packaging proposal, reducing water and material usage, and allowing for more compact deliverability and a reduction of transport volumes. They continue to explore new ways of reducing their environmental impact through alternative materials and renewable energy use at factory level.

Bonaveri is a member of The Fashion Pact.

For more information, visit Bonaveri's sustainability page.