The new TRIBE Collection is all about diversity; a collection that adapts to your creativity.

The Tribe collection’s unique design means that it is able to adapt to many different creative concepts, from youthful groupings to sophisticated single poses. The female and male poses each offer a range of heights and ages that can be mixed together to form a carefully curated visual concept.

TRIBE Mannequins are composed of 5 standing females, 4 standing males and 2 seated male and female variations.

By selecting and arranging the various poses, you can achieve a unique style, look and feel. The pseudo-realistic nature of the collection offers visual creators and retailers a perfect way of uniquely stylising the forms with accessories, hair and makeup. The entire female collection is designed with a 10cm heel which allows for a wide range of styling options.

From the many varied poses, customers are able to choose specific looks that tie into their own customer profile, reflecting their own cultural character.

Tribe Mannequins have been used recently in Antwerp for the Olivier Theyskens exhibition, by Zara at their flagship Milan store and as e-commerce models for new online retailer, Shyness. Each installation illustrates Tribe’s chameleon-like ability to adapt to any number of creative concepts.

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