Twiggy is back! This classic Rootstein mannequin set the course for the original Rootstein company back in the 1960s.


The 2020 version has all the hallmarks of the original collection, updated for contemporary fashion windows.

This collection represents the rebirth of one of the most significant Adel Rootstein collections; one that transformed the relationship between fashion and mannequins.

John Taylor, the sculptor of the original Twiggy mannequin, instilled the collection with realistic magnetism, embodying the values of its era. With its unique aesthetic it would change mannequin design for decades after.

To appreciate the present, we must look to the past

Adel Rootstein's first mannequin collection featured the iconic British fashion model, Twiggy. It was a collection that laid down the rules of Rootstein's work; capturing the essence of the age.

Twiggy is currently available in 6 distinct poses with three variable leg positions. To find out more, please contact us using the form below.




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